Baby Bottle Case Study – Walmart


Increase sales of Private Label Baby Formula at Wal-Mart.
Educate and convert first time parents to use private label vs the more expensive national brands.

AMC creating a Product Facsimile Display of a 6 foot Baby Bottle attracting new parents and give them confidence that the Private label baby formula is on par with the national brands – at a much lower cost. The massive nipple header was clearly visible as parents would begin the approach to the baby section.
Large vertical panel graphics provide important nutritional facts parents could directly compare to the more expensive national brands. Take-one literature was also included on the display allowing parents take home information helping build their confidence.


Wal-Mart saw a 27% increase in sales of their Private Label formula compared to before the rack was introduced.
The injection molded 31″ diameter shelving were designed to support 18 cans, over 80 lbs per shelf.
The displays shipped out as a “near pack” with 26 cans of formula.
All formula were batch load recorded and then shipped to Wal-Wart DC’s for rollout.